QUR Universal Gel

For the treatment of minor burns, scrapes, insect bites, rashes, itching, problem skin and other skin irritations.

Product contains purified water (98.5%), extract of fenugreek seed, polygel HP, verstatil PC.

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QUR Universal Gel is a soothing and treating gel for almost any skin problem. The gel is a clear gel which almost immediately relieves wounds, tears and many other skin problems. It can be used without restriction because it does not contain any harmful chemicals.


Fenugreek is a recognized medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years all over the world against various diseases. Fenugreek seeds are anti-inflammatory and have historically been used as a poultice on inflamed wounds or impure skin.

Universal gel can help as treatment for various problems, such as:
Sunburn - Universal gel works immediately and relieves sore and red skin that has been sunburned.
Skin burns  - If you have burned yourself on a baking tray or a stove and are in pain, you will immediately feel relief if you apply Universal Gel to the burned skin area.
Stinging nettles - If you have been in close contact with stinging nettles, you will also immediately feel relief when you apply Universal Gel to your skin.
Minor cuts and tears - If you cut yourself or get a tear, apply Universal Gel on the spot immediately and you will find that your wound hurts less and heals faster.
Insect bites - Itching from various insect bites is also relieved almost immediately after application with Universal Gel.
Problem skin - Teenagers squeeze out pimples/blackheads in the evening and the skin becomes red and ugly. They wash their face and apply Universal Gel and when they wake up the next morning the skin is much nicer and smooth.
Eczema - If you have eczema and irritated skin, Universal Gel can also help. Apply gel before bedtime and you wake up to nicer skin the next day.

The Universal Gel has countless uses and it can be used without restrictions.
Write and tell us how you use Universal Gel, we will add it so others can benefit from your experiences.


The main ingredient in the Universal gel is an extract of fenugreek seeds, which belong to the pea family. Universal Gel contains also purified water, a thickener and a preservative.

The fenugreek seed extract is very concentrated and therefore we have a warning on the tube for peanut allergy sufferers. Fenugreek seeds and peanuts both belong to the pea family and are genetically similar. There may be a small risk of cross-allergy. We advise peanut allergy sufferers to exercise caution and to try the gel on a small piece of skin first. Fortunately, many peanut allergy sufferers report that they use Universal Gel with good effect and without any problems.

QUR Universal Gel is registered by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency under cosmetics legislation and the EU cosmetics regulation and the gel complies with applicable laws in Denmark and the EU.

Net weight: 30 ml. Purified water (98.5%), extract of fenugreek seed, polygel HP, verstatil PC.
WARNING: Due to the risk of cross-allergy, people with a peanut allergy should exercise extreme caution.

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