QUR Lozenges for sore throat/cough

Lozenges for sore throat/cough.

The lozenges have a fresh peppermint flavor and are a natural and effective product against sore throats and coughs.

Can be used by anyone; children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and diabetics. Cannot be overdosed, use as you please.


The lozenges are developed and produced in Denmark and contain only natural ingredients. They have been tested at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense and are registered in EUDAMED and CE marked.

How to use the throat lozenges: Let a lozenge dissolve slowly in the mouth. Let the active substances work as long as possible in your mouth and throat. Do not chew the tablet and increase the effect by taking two tablets right after each other.

Relieves and reduces cough and sore throat.

Warning: In case of peanut allergy exercise caution due to risk of cross-allergic reaction. For children under 6, the tablets must be crushed because children might get a tablet in the trachea.


Clayminerals, Fenugreek Seeds, menthol T3764, syloid, AL-1 F551, pebbermint T4603,

Magnesiumstearat, veg.470b 24% sorbitol E420i 74%.

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