Here at QUR, we have been very pleased to find that many of our customers are more than happy to share their positive experiences of using our products.

Below is a selection of customer testimonials for our QUR Herpes Gel, QUR Universal Gel and QUR Special Gel for red baby bums.


QUR Herpes Gel

I was really impressed with the results of using QUR Herpes Gel – my herpes healed up faster, I didn’t get any sores and it really helped alleviate the pain – and it is particularly great that the gel is transparent.

When I last had a herpes outbreak in my mouth, I found that QUR Herpes Gel worked really well and managed to stop my herpes sore in its tracks.

Applying QUR Herpes Gel right at the onset usually helps the outbreak to clear up within a few days. Before it used to last for at least a week.

Normally I use a Zovirax ointment, take Zovirax pills, pills for shingles, I burn the sore with a little machine from the pharmacy and apply Fucidin ointment. All of this for just one sore, and even then it still takes seven to 15 days from when I first notice the outbreak before it is completely gone again. But QUR Herpes Gel has been by far the most effective product I have tried. At first, I just bought your gel to test it out. I have had four outbreaks since. Three disappeared within one to one and a half days. The other was quickly diminished (in both size and pain) and disappeared within two to three days.

QUR Universal Gel

I have had an irritatingly large spot on one of my buttocks for a few years now and have tried all sorts of different oily creams without any luck. My doctor prescribed a medicine which had no effect either. Then I tried QUR Universal Gel which turned out to be the most effective option. It removed the pain and left my skin soft again.

I have been struggling with a red and bumpy rash on my cheeks for about half a year now. I saw a dermatologist who was unfortunately unable to tell me what the rash was but gave me a cream to try. It didn’t help – in fact, it blocked my pores and did nothing to help my cheeks recover. I have now been using QUR Universal Gel for a month and a half and I am super pleased with the results. The rash disappeared almost over night and is now greatly improved compared to how it was before. I am very impressed with the effect of your gel and would happily recommend it to others suffering from eczema, rashes or other skin problems.

I stung my fingers on some nettles when out picking grass for the calves. I applied some QUR Universal Gel and after a mild tingling sensation, the discomfort was gone.

QUR Universal Gel is quite simply fantastic. It really saved our holidays. We used it for burns, mosquito bites and stings. It’s pretty formidable. We would apply it in the evening and by the next day the skin would practically feel back to normal again.

I suffer from irritated mucous membranes and I have had grafts and tests over the last eight to ten months. The doctors were unable to find a cream that worked so for the last six days I have been using QUR Universal Gel in the morning and afternoon and I have noticed that my itchiness has gotten less and less. I have ulcers in my nose and it has helped them, too so it works great both on the nose and down below 🙂 I’ve also found the gel really great all through the summer for using on mosquito bites and mild sunburn.