How to treat herpes?

Knowledge about

A herpes outbreak is felt before it can be seen. The first symptoms of herpes are a tingling, buzzing and sore sensation in the skin. You must react to this feeling immediately. If you react quickly, you can minimize the outbreak and ensure that it does not become large, painful and long-lasting.

It is very individual when and how often you have outbreaks. A stressed immune system increases the number of outbreaks. When you must perform at exams, are having a cold or having your period you are more prone to getting an outbreak of herpes.

Live healthily, eat a varied diet, exercise and get enough sleep, in this way you support your immune system so it is able to minimize the number of herpes outbreaks. Some get herpes outbreaks from exposure to too much sunlight and will benefit from using a lip balm with a high sun protection factor, while others can try to avoid eating nuts and chocolate. It is very individual how you must behave in order to get as few herpes outbreaks as possible. All you can do is to pay attention and take notice if there is a pattern in when and how often you get your herpes outbreaks.

Treatment of herpes

There are gels and creams for the treatment of herpes that reduces the discomfort and the duration of the outbreak. For all types of treatment, it must be started as soon as possible. It is a good idea to always have a herpes treatment in your bag/purse so that you can start the treatment as soon as you feel the first symptoms. QUR Medical produces very small sachettes containing 1,5 ml. herpes gel. These are like very small and flat envelopes and are easily carried in your phone, purse or pocket. When you feel the very first symptoms of an outbreak you immediately go to the bathroom and put gel on the outbreak and you ensure that the outbreak won´t become big and long-lasting.

In case of frequent outbreaks of genital herpes gel/cream may not be strong enough. The doctor can prescribe Aciclovir or Valaciclovir, which is a tablet taken preventively.