What are cold sores?

Knowledge about

Cold sores are caused by a virus called Herpes Simplex, which comes in two varieties.

  • Herpes 1, which occurs on the face, by and in the mouth, nose, eyes or most commonly on the lips.
  • Herpes 2, which occurs on the genitals, on the penis, in and around the vagina, at the anus, on the buttocks and inner thighs

Cold sores – a short explanation

More than 80% of the adults around the world carry herpes 1. Around 20% carry herpes 2. Most people have been infected as a child before they are 5 years old. If you have once been infected with herpes, you will have the virus in your nerves. The virus lies dormant and break out at different intervals. Many will only experience the first outbreak and never notice the disease again, but approx. 20% will have recurring outbreaks, most frequently 2-3 times a year. Some have fewer outbreaks and others are very troubled by frequent outbreaks. You cannot be cured from herpes because it is a virus, and herpes cannot go away on its own. You can treat and relieve the symptoms.