About QUR Medical

QUR Medical is a small Danish family-owned company that started in 2008. We are two generations who live and work together on a farm in Zealand. For many years, the family has farmed and experimented with herbs and minerals.

We develop effective and gentle products without chemistry and do not add color and perfume in our products. Our products are so clean they can actually be eaten even they are meant to be applied to the skin.
Through many years of studies and practical experiments, we have built up a great deal of knowledge how our ingredients work. For many years, we have collaborated with researchers and doctors on Skejby University Hospital, Odense University Hospital and the Technical University of Denmark.
This cooperation has resulted in the development of QUR Herpes Gel.

At the same time, we have had hundreds of friends, neighbours, family, colleagues, friends of friends, colleagues of neighbours, etc. They have over the years voluntarily tested our gel on all kinds of skin problems and ailments. Their feedback helped us develop the products and they have reported effects that we had never thought of. Questions have also arisen that still needs to be answered. For example: why does QUR universal Gel have effect on some types of  psoriasis but not on others? We hope we will be able to answer this question soon.

All QUR products are developed and produced in Denmark and are dermatologically tested in recognized laboratories. This way we ensure security and guarantee high quality and effect. Our ingredients are based on herbs and minerals that are historically recognized for their effectiveness. Fenugreek seed is widely recognized for its anti-inflammatory effect and bentonite is used for example for its cleansing effect.
All our ingredients are also recognized by;
The European Medicines Agency, EMA, which has reviewed leading literature on bentonite and fenugreek seeds, recognizes the effect and concludes that they are not dangerous for humans.
The American Federal Drug Agency, FDA, which has gone through various studies of bentonite and fenugreek seeds and recognizes the effect and labels them as not dangerous for humans.

Consumer study:

+ QUR consumer study 2020 – Read the results here


+ EU Patent
+ USA Patent

Production certificates:

+ Permit to manufacture medicines
+ GMP Manufacturing
+ Free from animal testing

User manual:

+ User manual QUR Medical Herpes Gel